Like many men out there, I felt invincible when it came to sex drive. I could not even imagine the thought of my manhood not working.

In youth I could last for ages in bed, yet nature had proved me wrong and ripped that thought away from me.

In my college years I lived months where I had sex at least twice a day. Sex is a huge part of my life and I needed it.

As I hit 44 my sex drive just disappeared. Along with that went my sense of confidence and feelings of strength.

My weight had slowly climbed up and my performance at the gym was suffering.

I felt a deep sense of shame and embarrassment because I could not please my wife anymore. We would engage and start foreplay, but it just wouldn’t work.

I loved her and was frustrated that I could not perform. I decided that I could not live with this condition.

I turned to the internet for a solution and found reasons for the change. They say the levels of my testosterone have decreased.

As a lawyer without much medical knowledge I continued to research more. Basically testosterone was a major hormone produced by our testicles.

It promotes bone growth, muscle growth, and sex drive. As men aged their testis slowly produced less and less. “I just need to increase my testosterone levels” I told myself.

My sense of hope grew when I saw that the answer to my dilemma looked so simple. Thus began my search for testosterone boosting supplements and products.

After a couple tries with different products I found myself back in my depressed state.

None of the products that I tried had worked and I still could not produce a strong erection. It was like a scene from “The Notebook” and kept me up at night.

My motivation was waning and I thought I would never feel satisfied again. I decided to give one last product a go and this was Spartagen XT.

It would be a lie if I told you I didn’t feel skeptical after reading the name. It seemed to be a play on the words of Sparta and antigen.

“Would I get the strength of a Spartan warrior if I took this?” I asked myself.

What’s in it?

As with every product I did some research about each ingredient within it. I’m cautious about what I put in my body and take no risk when it comes to health.

At a glance it seems like a vitamin supplement. It contains vitamins D, E, B6, magnesium, and zinc.

These vitamins helped with mood, sex drive, and hormone production. You would find them in any typical multivitamin supplements at a supermarket or pharmacy.

The next ingredients were a mix of herbs which produce a combined effect of activating testosterone production and amplifying sex drive.

In the testosterone activation stack the herbs Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Extract are used.

Tongkat Ali is an herb found in south east Asia and has been used as a male aphrodisiac for centuries.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of it boosted testosterone levels in low testosterone level producing males.

Patients who had normal testosterone levels were shown to have little to no change when regularly consuming it. There’s no side effects and is all natural.

As an extra it is also shown to reduce stress and increased quality of sperm.

Tribulus Extract is found throughout many tropical environments of the world.

It has been used in hormonal enhancement by both males and females for thousands of years.

Along with its testosterone boosting effects it also helps in burning fat and increasing muscle mass.

Doctors prescribe this herb to increase sexual stamina and promote stronger erections.

In the sex drive amplification matrix, the herbs Asian Ginseng Extract and Maca root is used.

Asian Ginseng Extract has been used by Chinese medical experts for hundreds of years. It has countless health benefits and includes testosterone boosting.

It is a proven solution to erectile dysfunction and aids in providing sexual stamina.

Its main activity comes from all natural proteins called Ginsenosides. They are similar in function to testosterone and can provide balance to low testosterone producing males.

Maca root is said to increase testosterone, but this is heavily debated. One thing that is known for sure is that it is an aphrodisiac.

The Maca plant is usually found in the mountain tops of Peru and is regarded as a ‘super-food’. This is due to it containing high concentrations of almost of the essential nutrients.

It has been used as a natural sex drive booster by Peruvian health experts for centuries.

With these ingredients I was convinced to order a months supply to trial. It was all natural so there would be no side effects.

The Trial

For my first two pills I didn’t notice any difference, but was determined to finish the course. Like the other products I’ve tried I’ll give this one a fair trial.

To my surprise I felt energetic and stronger around an hour after taking my eighth dose. Something inside me changed and I knew it.

I felt a sensation that had been missing for months’ rush back to me. It was the yearning sensation of wanting to have sex.

I rushed home after work and had what my wife called “the best sex in months” My erection was full and my stamina was comparable to my youthful years.

20 minutes of depressing foreplay turned into an hour of lust filled sex. A huge wave of self esteem rushed back into me.

I tried it again the next day and again I felt more energy after around an hour. I wanted to compare the difference in the gym.

Usually I bench 20kg weights on an Olympic barbell, but the extra energy allowed me to push through 22.5kg weights.

In addition, I could last longer on the treadmill and rowing machines. My 30 minute sessions turned into an hour and half sessions.

It felt like I went back 10 years and allowed me to be happy with my life again.

I couldn’t tell if this was a placebo effect or not so I decided to come off of it for a week.

I didn’t last three days. Compared to the energetic high I felt sluggish for those three days.

I couldn’t do as many reps in the gym and was back to the 30 minute sessions on the treadmill.

My gym buddy even asked me what happened to the energy from three days ago. He thought I was on cocaine.

My sexual mood was non-existent and like before I would just get semi-erect.

After having a sky-high glimpse of the supplements effects I couldn’t be grounded again. I couldn’t help but keep taking it.

Words to Others

I needed to tell other men like me how I solved my sex drive problem. I want to help other men who have been through the pain and embarrassment that I felt.

This all natural combination has increased my sex drive and strength. In a typical day I would take two tablets after breakfast.

Taking it in the morning allows the pills to kick in before my day begins. This gives me extra energy to go through the day.

Colleagues have complimented me on my new found vitality. They say I’m more enthusiastic and I’ve noticed increased passion in the court.

After work I would go for an hour run to burn off the stubborn fat I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve used Spartagen XT for 3 months and have burned over 10kgs of fat.

You’d be surprised to hear that I gained over 2.5kgs of muscle during these three months.

My sex life has increased in frequency from once every 3 months to at least once a week.

The only downsides that I’ve faced with this supplement is it’s ramp up time and the time it takes to take effect.

To provide a constant stream of energy I take them around the same time everyday.

Later I learned that it has to be used for well over a week to grant the user it’s full effects. I was glad and grateful that I was lucky enough to realize Spartagen XT’s full potential.

As a bonus the purchase included five free ebook bonuses.

They cover topics such as working out and sexual drive. It complimented the newfound energy that I had.

Recently I have been going through the bonus ebook about kama sutra and have tried a few sexual position with my wife to great pleasure.

It added the extra spice to my wife and I’s bedroom antics.

Closing Words

To those that decide to purchase Spartagen XT and enjoy its numerous life-changing benefits then I have a tip for you.

Take two tablets every morning for at least two weeks. The longer you take it the longer the herbal nutrients accumulate in your body.

Allowing the nutrients to accumulate allows for the full effects to unveil themselves.

Hope you find the results that I did and wish you the best!